6 Fun Labor Day Activities for You and Your Dog!

Labor Day 2018 is fast approaching, and you don't want to leave your dog at home if you don't have to! Our southeast Michigan dog owners know that they're part of the family, and they need a vacation too! Our Wags team put together this great list of pet-friendly ideas for our customers in Ann Arbor, Chelsea, and Ludington.

The Dog Beach

beach dogs sunset.jpg

Few things look like heaven quite as much as dozens of dogs in a joyous frenzy at the dog beach. Our top recommendation for Southeast Michigan dog beaches is Mill Pond in Saline. But if you're willing to make the drive to our Ludington store, you can get in the beautiful Lake Michigan via Glen Arbor, or check out Buttersville Beach in Ludington.

Go Camping

Always a good time if your dog is up for it! Make sure that you've got enough water and food, as especially this time of year it is so humid and hot that they are sure to get tired much more quickly than you! We recommend the Pinckney Recreation Area for our Ann Arbor and Chelsea customers. Up north, there are tons of options in the Huron-Manistee National Forest that area fantastic, such as the Coolwater Campgrounds right on the Pine River.

Stay at a Dog-Friendly Hotel

Top tourist destinations in Michigan such as Grand Haven, Ann Arbor, Mackinaw City, Detroit, and Traverse City all have a handful of dog-friendly hotels! With plenty to do and explore in these cities, it's an opportunity for some fur family bonding!

Host a Dog Party

Invite your neighbors, your friends, or complete strangers! Have a cookout for the humans, and while the dogs can absolutely entertain themselves, feel free to get some brand new tennis balls and perhaps a kiddie pool to splash around in! You'll want a fenced in area to prevent anybody going stray and to let the owners truly relax.

Explore a New Path

Some of our favorite dog-walking areas in Ann Arbor are Gallup Park, Nichols Arboretum, and Bird Park. In Chelsea, we recommend Veteran's Park or Waterloo State Recreation Area. In Ludington, try Cartier Park or Stearns Park if you haven't already!

dog cuddles.jpg


Maybe you want to spend Labor Day relaxing and enjoying some quality cuddle time. Nothing wrong with that! At Wags to Wiskers we can hook you up with some delicious dog chews, just because! Enjoy your 2018 Labor Day!