Keeping your Lizard's Food Alive

Why Do My Crickets Keep Dying?

A frustrating, semipermanent question for anybody that uses crickets to feed their lizard, which is most of us lizard-owners and -lovers.  We've got some tips here that can help you get more value for crickets, when it comes to your dollar and your lizard's nutrition!

They need to Eat

Might seem obvious, but making sure they have consistent food and water (try Fluker's Complete Cricket Diet from your local southeast Michigan pet supplies store) 

Living Cleanly

You need to clean out their enclosure. The waste they produce and the inevitable dead crickets give off a poisonous ammonia gas, which can suffocate the healthy crickets. This is no good.

exo terra cricket pen.jpg

Make Your Life Easier

Consider buying the crickets a proper enclosure, such as Exo Terra Cricket Pen from your Wags to Wiskers shop. This makes the housing, feeding, cleaning, and extraction process way simpler! The crickets hop right into the dark tubes for you and you drop them directly in for your happy lizard to hunt!