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We get made fun of for having too many toys, leashes, collars, beds, bags, and bowls. Seriously. It's always nice to bring your pet into the store to pick out their favorite toy.  It will take the pressure off you. So do it.  Let them choose. Please. C'mon. Please?  Disclaimer: Our Ann Arbor store might have something that our Chelsea store does not, or vice versa!  In order to save you a trip, please call ahead to make sure we have it in stock!

dog toys

  • Kong
  • ChuckIt
  • Happy Tails
  • Skinneeez
  • Ruff's
  • Loonies

cat toys

  • Kong
  • Aspen
  • Go! Cat
  • Ethical
  • Skitter Critters
  • Just for Cats

We have harnesses, leashes, cat scratching posts, cat litter, pee pads and diapers, peeing posts, beds, collars, a tag maker, carriers, crates, waste removal, feeding supplies, tie outs, stain removal, etc. We want to say we have everything, but that's not true, it just feels like it! Some of our vast variety includes:

  • Squeakers and non-squeakers
  • Tough rubber toys that make a strong attempt at survival
  • Stuffed animals
  • Tennis balls and tennis ball-shaped things
  • Ropes

And so many more. Our toy aisle is some of our furry customers' favorites. Some toys last. Others don't. We'll advise you, but we've seen many eager pups destroy some of our toughest recommendations. 


the toy aisle

We have so many toys!  Your dog or cat is sure to find their favorite, or you can pick out a special gift for their birthday, holidays, or other celebrations!