How can I prevent my pet from getting itchy skin problems?

Apart from your pet getting into various things outside, we think you should try different foods for allergy treatments before going to the vet and possibly breaking the bank. We have a huge variety of food types and ingredients.

When should my pet switch to adult food?

It kind of depends! With bigger dogs, you want to switch earlier, and with smaller dogs you want to switch a bit later. However, generally around 10-14 months is when we would recommend!

What's your policy on refunds?

We have a 7-day guarantee even AFTER you open the product, but we need the original packaging! It doesn't matter if it's a toy that's never been used, or a bag of food that's been opened, we'll accept it for a full refund or exchange.


You can help me get free food?

YES! The wonderful companies that we buy food from have programs where if you buy a set number of bags, they will give you a free one! We will keep track of your purchases so you don't have to! And you'll get a free bag of food!

Why would I feed my pet raw food?

A raw food diet is an evolutionary-based diet that generally consists of raw meat, meaty bones, and vegetable scraps. Raw food diets have less additives, generally lower chance of digestive issues, but is more expensive.

Why should I rotate my pet's food?

A few reasons! It's good to rotate proteins and switch flavors to provide nutritional diversity. It will also build up natural anti-allergy defenses and lastly, it will prevent your pet from growing bored with the current food on offer!