We want the same thing you want - for your pet to lead a happy and healthy life forever. There are some issues we can help you take care of. For all the rest, there are veterinarians. We'll be sure to tell you what's what to the best of our knowledge. Disclaimer: Our Ann Arbor store might have something that our Chelsea store does not, or vice versa!  In order to save you a trip, please call ahead to make sure we have it in stock!


  • Naturvet
  • Wondercide
  • Angel's Eyes
  • PlaqueOff
  • Esbilac


  • Freshbreath
  • Pet Naturals
  • ActivPhy
  • Cosequin
  • D-wormer

"Supplements" is a broad term for a variety of different ways to improve their well-being. Some of what we offer:

  • Dental care (toothpaste, toothbrushes, teeth cleaning treats, etc.)
  • Eye and ear care (oils, guards, antibiotics, rinses)
  • First aid (cleanser, wraps, calmer, sprays, itch relief, ointments, etc.)
  • Vitamins and supplements (fur, diet, digestion, enymes, joints, etc.)

Among many other things.  We can special order anything that you might need! Call us to place an order or get some advice, we want to help!


Our Supplement aisles

We also have thundershirts, hip/joint support, glucosamine, multivitamins, stress management and calming agents, and much, much more. We are constantly bringing in new products and updating our inventory to match veterinary and industry trends, standards, and procedures. One of our primary goals is to act as a resource for you and your pet so that they can get back to optimum health without you needing to deal with astronomical veterinary bills.