4 Tips for Summer Storms

As summer comes to a close and fall approaches, southeast Michigan pet owners know that they'll soon be dealing with those post-summer showers and storms that accompany autumn. Autumn is undoubtedly beautiful in Michigan, and the team at Wags will have you prepared for when your dog doesn't want to go out in the rain!

Make it a Positive Experience

Have some fun! It's only water. Don't wait for the rains to fully subside - a little bit of drizzle will go a ways to building up a tolerance for your dog. And if their best pal is out there with them and having fun, they will surely follow suit!


Again, it's just a little water! At Wags to Wiskers, we sell dog raincoats in all sizes, and if you can grab your own jacket and boots, you can still get that walk in despite the rain. In fact, I think your furiend would love it!


At Wags, we swear by these. For dogs that have anxiety during thunderstorms and exhibit symptoms such as shaking, loss of bladder control, whining and scratching, or other abnormal behaviors, we recommend Thundershirts. They are a weighted jacket that make the dog feel like they are being cuddled! Ask an associate about trying one on!

Drying your Dog

If you don't have a raincoat for the dog, make sure to dry your dog off thoroughly and quickly. They will remember a long, unenjoyable process for next time - but if you talk them through it, and remember your treats, and goof around with them, they won't mind so much! A treat makes even the most undesirable experiences better.