Picky Pups!

So for some reason Doggo doesn't want to eat his food. Hard to believe, but sometimes a dog won't eat! It can make you worry very quickly if there's a serious issue with your dog's health. Our southeast Michigan dog owners However, try not to jump to conclusions!  We've got some tips for our southeast Michigan dog owners that might fix the problem before you land a big bill at the vet!

Top Tips for Picky Pups

  1. If your dog eats kibble, give them a high quality nutritious food that they are likely to enjoy.  Check out our posts on what to look for in a good food and how to read a food label! A kibble made with quality meat or fish and fresh fruits and veggies will be a lot more palatable to your canine friend than one made with meat by-products and lots of grains.
  2. Try adding warm water to kibble to release enticing aromas, or try adding wet canned food.  Be careful with the canned food as this creates an additional expense for feeding your dog, and in time if you don't offer the canned food they may refuse the kibble alone!
  3. Add a couple of spoons of yogurt, sardines, mackerel or vegetables. Mix in with the kibble or put in his bowl first, and put the kibble on top – that way he has to eat the biscuits first!
  4. A little tough love can be helpful. If your pooch won’t eat his meal after 10-15 minutes, take it away and do not feed him until the next mealtime. This will get him into the habit that the food is available then and there, and in time their bodies will get conditioned to be hungry at that time! 
  5. Rotate your foods to keep your furiend's taste buds not guessing, but diversified.  
  6. A reluctant eater may take food from your hand, and can then be transitioned to eat from the bowl. Some dogs will respond to scattering the kibble over the ground, activating their natural instinct for scavenging.
  7. Feed a little less of their food than recommended. She’s likely to have more of an appetite at the next mealtime.
  8. Keep treats and table scraps to a minimum. Don't create a monster! 
  9. Always make mealtimes a pleasant time. Be excited to get the food ready. Encourage a bit of excitement and anticipation! Seeing them get excited is what it's all about as a dog owner.