Don't Worry, I'm a Cool Cat!

We aren't the type to pick favorites (except with foods), and since we did a post last week about keeping your pups cool in the summer, we figured this week we'd touch on how to keep your felines feeling fresh! We break it down really easily for our southeast Michigan cats and cat owners who we know are feeling the summer heat during these 90 degree days.


  • Don’t leave food out for too long. After about 30 minutes, bugs will start to show up. Picking up uneaten food after roughly 45 minutes helps prevent that, and your cat will learn to eat more or faster. At Wags we generally recommend to feed cats dry food in the summer—it attracts fewer insects. But if you give wet food, add water to keep it from drying out, or be sure to pick it up within 45 minutes
  • Invest in an ant-proof bowl. See our ant-proof bowls, or You can create your own “ant barrier” by surrounding the bowl with baking soda or a line of food-grade diatomaceous earth without chemical additives.

These tips are primarily for outdoor cats.  However, the summer heats up our homes as well and the musty, humid atmosphere inside the house while you are away working can affect food and even water in the same way! 


  • Extra water is essential in hot weather. Too much water is better than not enough. Consider dropping a few ice cubes into the water bowl! 
  • Place water bowls in shaded areas. Use a bowl that is narrow but deep. This reduces the bowl’s surface area and slows evaporation.
  • We recommend pet water fountains that provide a constant stream of water for a few reasons: the running water inspires cats to drink more, they keep the water cooler and cleaner, and they are less work for cat owners! Come take a look at our pet water fountains at any of our Michigan pet stores today! 


  • Provide easy access to shaded places outside or cool rooms and places inside the house.  We often find our cats snoozing on tile, in the sink, on the back of a toilet, or under tables!
  • Build an outdoor cat shelter on the cheap with supplies found at any hardware store.  Ask us if you need help with this, we've got experience!

So that's about it!  Simple tips for keeping your cat cool in the summer from your local Ann Arbor and Chelsea, Michigan pet stores!  Make sure the food stays fresh, make sure the water is plentiful and cold, and provide easy access to shady and chilly areas!