3 Things to Do This Weekend With your Dog

Truly, we debated writing an article based on “things to do this fall with your dog” but we refuse to believe that August is almost over, that fall is right around the corner, that summer is ending. Here in southeast Michigan, we think our pet parent customers and readers are right there with us thinking that our summer started when the heavy rains stopped (like 4 weeks ago?) and are already noticing the leaves falling.

It’s startling.

Regardless, for those of you that have yet to make that summer vacataion that you’ll remember for years to come, it’s not too late! We’re here with 3 things to do this weekend with your dog, assuming all you’ve got left is a weekend here or there - meaning these are plans for a day or two, nothing extreme, not too much planning required.

Besides, a few days can seem like a lifetime to your dog, and they will absolutely love it, so we actually advise you take a Friday or Monday (or both) off work for some quality human/doggo bonding time.

3 Things to Do This Weekend
With your Dog

dog hiking.jpg

Hey, Take a Hike, Pal!

There are so many beautiful places in Michigan that are great to hike in, ranging from 30 minutes away to much further in the Upper Peninsula where it could be 6+ hours away. So take your dog for a hike before this summer ends - the weather is improving for hiking as the days get a bit shorter, nights get a little cooler, and days aren’t quite so stiflingly hot.

A few quick words of advice:

  • Make sure your pup is socialized among people and other dogs, or else just plan to go places that are a bit more secluded and offer privacy.

  • Check the weather, make sure it’s not too hot so you can have a great day exploring with your fren.

  • Last, make sure that the hike is not too strenuous for them and they are well hydrated through the whole trek. Don’t bite off more than you can chew - been there, not fun.

dog camping.png

From Hiking to Camping

Let’s upgrade and up the ante a bit. Build on your day hike and turn it into a weekend camping trip this summer with your dog. Same rules and advice from hiking apply here, as well as locations to do it. You can camp with your dog in a nice area as close as Pinckney, practically just down the road from our Chelsea store.

Make sure you’re prepared - packing for yourself and your dog for a few days increases the weight considerably, and don’t forget to research the campgrounds.

dog bbq.jpg

Throw a Pawbecue!

Get the whole gang or the whole neighborhood together for some fun with friends furry and familiar. Here’s a few ideas to get you started:

  • Pick a theme

  • Get creative with the invites

  • Pool resources with attendees

You see where this is going. Throwing a pet bbq party is easier than it sounds, and if it sounds easy to you already, that’s because it is! Your dog will love it and it’s a great weekend event for you and him or her.


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