3 Easy Diet Changes to Improve your Dog's Health

As February comes toward a close, we thought we’d check back in with everybody’s New Years Resolutions. How are those going? Here in southeast Michigan, we know our pet owners have had a month of some severely cold days that have limited time outdoors and probably promoted some unhealthy eating habits for our fur family. So our Wags to Wiskers Pet Supplies hivemind decided we’d brush up and reignite those resolutions with 3 easy diet changes to improve your dog’s health! They may not be what you’d expect!

Feed Your Dog People Food

Say what?

Yup, we said it. Feed your dog some human food, in moderation, and with consideration! We are not advising you to start feeding your dog cookies, fried chicken, or pancakes! To clarify, what we’re saying is that there are some foods that your dog would enjoy as snacks that can actually be an improvement on their current diet! Vegetables are a great way to supplement dietary fiber (they help with digestion and anal gland problems), provide natural vitamins and minerals, and help satiety. Many veterinarians recommend including vegetables every day as a way to control excess weight gain in dogs.

Dog-safe veggies include:

  • Green beans

  • Baby carrots

  • Bell peppers

  • Green leafy vegetables (kale, cabbage, chard and lettuce, as well as leafy herbs like parsley, cilantro, and basil). Some pups love their greens and others don’t, but they’re worth a shot simply for the nutritional upside.

Wags to Wiskers Easy Diet Changes to Improve Dog Health

Fruits tend to have more sugar and calories than mot veggies, but some are appropriate for dogs. We recommend sticking to berries or small chunks of apples and melons (water-saturated fruit) and moderating banana, tropical fruit, and citrus fruit intake. Potatoes and sweet potatoes are nutritional powerhouses, but also tend to be higher than necessary in calories. Check your local Wags to Wiskers Pet Supplies store in Ann Arbor (2425 W. Stadium Blvd, Ann Arbor, MI, 48103) and Chelsea (1192 S. Main St, Chelsea, MI, 48118) for some locally-made sweet potato treats that dogs love.

Here’s what you SHOULDN’T feed your dog:

  • Onions, scallions, shallots (anything in the Allium family) because they can cause anemia in dogs.

  • Grapes and raisins, which can cause kidney failure in a certain population of dogs.

  • Here’s the story with avocados: they pack a punch. A little goes a long way with your fur family in regards to those healthy monounsaturated fats. The pit can be dangerous for the throat and intestines, so if you’re intent on feeding Fida some avocado, try spooning out a small portion.

Multi-Purpose Treats & Foods

We have to be grateful that these days many treats and foods come with added bonuses for the consumers. Foods can be targeted for pets that have medical issues, allergies, dietary restrictions, mental health problems, and more. Your local Wags to Wiskers Pet Supplies store in southeast Michigan will have dozens of options in this area, so ask any associate if you need assistance picking out what’s right for you and your fur family. You might want a treat that helps calm dogs down in longer car rides, or a food that manages weight gain or loss, or a special once-a-week snack for pups that combats arthritis. We’re happy to help find the right items for your pup and make sure that those foods are giving you more bang for your buck as a pet owner.

Upgrade Your Treats

Imagine this scenario: you prepare yourself a healthy breakfast of fruits, veggies, grains, and proteins that tick all the recommended boxes for your diet. You go to the gym and your body, fueled appropriately and pumped full of vitamins and minerals, converts your breakfast to energy that allow you to get a great workout. Then you go home and want to replace all that expended energy, so you get yourself some poptarts and a leftover cheeseburger. You wash it down with milk and cookies.

You wouldn’t end a period of healthy eating and exercise by sabotaging your body right? Hopefully not. Let’s start doing the same for our dogs. By offering healthy treats to go along with healthy food and consistent exercise, we can make sure that our dogs are getting what their bodies need, not just what they drool for. If you need help finding or picking out some healthy treats, stop by your local Wags to Wiskers Pet Supplies in Ann Arbor or Chelsea and speak with an associate.

That’s all we got! 3 easy diet changes to improve your dog’s health, and they don’t sound too tough to help your dog live their best life!