5 Tips to Get your Dog into Costume!

Halloween is just a week away and for our pet owners in Ann Arbor and Chelsea it’s time to start preparing. Are your pets going to be trick or treating? Are they going to be hiding or in costume? Are they going to be ballerinas, sharks, lobsters, pandas, aliens, dinosaurs, or are they just going to be a dog with a big smile and wagging tail while the spooky guests come to the door? Lots to consider for our dog owners in southeast Michigan.

At Wags to Wiskers Pet Supplies you will be able to find a handful of costumes to choose from, but we decided to provide some easy tips on how to get your dogs into costume this Halloween with no fuss. Read on to see what the Wags hivemind recommends!

Get the Costume Early

This is a big one! Remember that time you tried something on for the first time? Or how about the time you tried practicing a new skill for the first time? It’s tough right? It takes some getting used to. Asking your dog to wear a costume for an entire evening without any time to warm up to the idea and the costume is asking for an unhappy pup! Consider shopping for your costume today and getting them used to it before the big night!

Get a Costume That Fits

Wags to Wiskers How to Get your Dog into Costume

This seems straightforward, but we’ve seen dogs and costumes not get along because it’s too tight, too hot or not ventilated, restricts movement, or has pokey pieces. Make sure the costume is safe! When considering how to get your dog into costume, think about whether they like having blankets, toys, or clothes on them. If they do, you probably don’t need to worry too much, but if they don’t, consider starting small on the costumes with either a jester collar or lion mane! They are adorable.

Let Them Meet the Costume

Don’t force it - ever. If your dog is really not liking the idea of this, take it slow! Let them meet the costume, sniff it and get better acquainted with it. It will be especially difficult to get your dog into costume if they are nervous or afraid of it. So let your pup build the relationship at their speed. Our dog owners in Ann Arbor and Chelsea, Michigan know that there are ways to improve this endeavor, keep reading!

Praise & Treats Liberally

Just like any other type of training, keep a handful of treats and a brain full of praise ready for use. Don’t forget to take frequent breaks or you may see your dog get annoyed with their costume, which can result in shredding. Which the dog might love, but you may not love quite so much.

Keep the Camera Ready

We feel that if you are gradually building up your dog’s tolerance to their costume and that the costume fits, in combination with proper training techniques then you and your doggo will be fully ready for Halloween when the day comes! And when it does, take a lot of pictures! Our team at Wags to Wiskers is 100% there for those cute dog Halloween pictures! We hope you’ve enjoyed these 5 tips on how to get your dog into costume! Now go get em!