What We're Sellin'

At Wags we are always looking to help our pets and their people!  We do not sell pets but we have a huge inventory to keep your pets the happiest creatures on the planet!  Our aisles are literally overflowing with food, toys, supplies, supplements, and accessories! 

Don't know what to get?  Let your dog choose!

Dog doesn't know what to get?  That's understandable.  Come speak with one of our highly-trained, pet-loving staff armed with industry-leading knowledge to help decide what's best for you and your furry friend.

If we don't carry what you need or want, we will order it for you!  You can also give us a call to place an order ahead for pick-up, or door-side delivery!  We would love to hear from you.  Disclaimer: Our Ann Arbor store might have something that our Chelsea store does not, or vice versa!  In order to save you a trip, please call ahead to make sure we have it in stock!



We have SO MANY different types of food because cats and dogs, like people, have different preferences, bodily needs, allergies, etc.  We offer wet, dry, and raw food for all breeds and ages and our number one priority is the health of your pet.  We will not sell you unhealthy or low-quality foods!

If your pet needs a special type of food, we will make a special order just for you!  Go to our Foods Page or click on that cute pupper with his mountain of delicious food to see exactly what brands we have and learn more about how we can help you get free bags of food!


We carry an endless supply of treats and chews for cats and dogs.  We love to give out freebies and seeing happy, excited dogs enter our store makes our day!  We have dozens of different shapes, sizes, styles, and flavors.  Some pets are picky so we like to have everybody covered! 

Want something specific and don't see it?  We'll get it for you, just ask!  Go to our Treats Page or click on that adorable kitten getting a treat to get a better idea of all of the brands and treats that line our aisles.  


So many toys!  Maybe it would be best if you brought your pet in and let them choose what they want to take home?  Please?  Do it for us your pets. Toys, leashes, harnesses, beds, crates, poop bags, toys, clothes, odor and stain removal, carriers and bags, collars, bowls, gates, toys, and more!

Chances are, we have it.  If we don't, we'll get it!  See that strong independent doggo taking itself for a walk?  Click on his smiling face to go to our Supplies Page and browse our selection of brands!  We also have a nametag maker!


We have a wide array of supplements to make sure your pets are getting all of their nutritional necessities.  From treats to tablets, pills to powders, vitamins, joint health, immunosupport, oils, and much more, Wags has all your apothecary needs. 

Look at that healthy feline trying to get an extra helping of veggies!  So smart!  So responsible!  Click its hungry gaze to access our Supplements Page and learn more about what we have in store!


They know how to get dirty don't they?  We still love 'em!  Luckily, we can help you get them as clean as the day they were groomed.  Our store has a wide variety of toothpastes, shampoos, conditioners, breath-fresheners, first aid ointments, itch sprays, ear and eye care, and much more!  

If you click on that charming golden enjoying bath time you can get an in-depth look on our Grooming Page at the products and brands we carry! 

If you've made it this far, we're impressed!  We know we have a lot of products.  Give us a call and we will set aside anything you need, or come into the store and we will help you find what you like!